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ENCU is in constant contact with leaders and individuals that are charged with providing safety and civility within Enugu Ngwo. Our village is blessed with unequalled assets ranging from a stunning topographic view from Milliken hill, Hilltop to Ngwo-egu. Close proximity to Enugu city and historic access road from Enugu to Onitsha.


Enugu Ngwo Community USA was established in 2020 to serve as a platform for Enugu Ngwo indigenes in United State of America to interact with one another, share information/ideas, and strategize on how to improve living conditions for our people both in America and back home. Included in our many goals is to encourage mutual exchange of ideas and opportunities, promote and cultivate humanitarian awareness and civic responsibilities.


We are a community in diaspora deeply rooted in our belief in God, dedicated to supporting one another both here in the USA and at home. We promote love and appreciation for the people of Enugu Ngwo and beyond. We seek to harness the power of diversity and unity of Umu-Enugu-Ngwo in America. Part of our guiding principle comes from the adage "igwe bu ike" hence we welcome all Enugu Ngwo indigenes in USA to join this wonderful community.

Opportunities and Activities

1) Zoom conferences during and after Covid-19
2) Maintain good attendance and participation
3) Financial report
4) Condolences to members that lost loved ones as well as those impacted by disasters in USA ie recent flooding in Texas.
5) Concerns for employment opportunities for young men and women at home
6) Educational opportunities for our people
7) Availability of electricity and water in our village.
8) Security concerns
9) Land allocation matters

10) Bad roads and repair needs
11) Leadership and management concerns
12 )Health center needs.

Enugu Ngwo Community Health Center

Home Delivery
Happy People
Tons Of Goods
Medical Treatment


Obidike Age grade Induction

Let's Make the Difference Together


Refurbishing of Enugu Ngwo Community Health Center

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